High Fashion Hitting the Streets with the Collaboration of H&M and Martin Margiela


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October 15, 2012, New York, NY – Maison Martin Margiela is a brand name that is more accustomed to Paris fashion week than the high street. The collaboration with H&M has brought the Swedish shop some very interesting bold pieces such as a leather dress inspired by a seat cover, a coat made from duvet with a removable cover, and a jumper made from eight pairs of socks. This line debuting in November will definitely be adding a fresh new look to H&M stores worldwide.

The line is made up of 40 items for women and 30 for men, all items were based on original Margiela pieces that were all turned into more wearable styles. Not only will the line be apparel but it includes accessories such as metallic clutch bags and invisible heels; a wedge shoe made of plexiglass that gives the illusion that you are walking on air. Each piece will have a label attached to it telling shoppers which original collection the piece came from and what year.

Belgian designer Margiela founded the label in Paris in 1988. Before assisting Jean Paul Gaultier, he went to school at the Antwerp Royal Academy. He is known to make the most extreme statements in fashion such as creating a jacket made of pen lids and cardigans made from bin bags. Despite his ability to think outside the box and create unusual garments his label is popular with many contemporary and high street designers.

In 2011 when Versace made a collaboration with H&M, it brought the company new buzz and new customers. Collaberations have also been made with Dello Russo, Marni and Karl Lagerfeld which have all been a huge success.

Martin Margiela for H&M

November 15, 2012





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